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Lutheran World Relief

Personal Care Kits

Once again, Bethesda will be collecting items for personal care kits! We will assemble them as a congregation and deliver to Lutheran World Relief, where they will be distributed to people in need. We packed 101 kits last year, and would love to beat our own record!

All items should be new. No items needed other than what's listed here. A collection box will be in the narthex starting February 18.

Each kit contains:

  • 1 bath towel

    • Size should be between 20"x 40" and 27" x 52"​

    • Dark color

    • Lightweight (so they're easier to hand wash and air dry)

  • 2-3 bars of soap

    • Any brand, in original wrapping​

    • Each kit will receive 8-9 ounces total

  • 1 toothbrush

    • Adult size only​

    • Original packaging

  • 1 comb

    • Sturdy​

  • 1 nail clippers

    • Metal - file optional ​

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