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We're inviting you to bring your church community along with you on your summer adventures – to Worship on the Way to wherever you're going! This resource is meant to enrich your family's vacation, lake-time, trips – whatever you're doing and wherever you're going this summer. We pray that this resource keeps connected to your family of faith here at Bethesda. 

  1. Gather your people together around the living room, the breakfast table, the beach blanket, or the pontoon floor.

  2. Make sure everyone has a copy of the worship order for the week so they can fully participate. PRO TIP: everyone’s got a phone, so just visit and find this week's listing (below)!

  3. Que up the playlist on Spotify by clicking the 'music' icon below. Make sure your volume is cranked and, if possible, connected to a good, loud speaker!

  4. Follow the order as it flows! Involve different members of your group in leading and reading as you go.

  5. Snap a pic or video! Post to social media and be sure to tag @BethesdaMhd with the hashtag #BethesdaOnTheWay – or e-mail and we’ll be happy to do it for you!

  6. Know that you are being held in prayer by the whole Bethesda Lutheran Church community! We can’t wait to see what you’re up to, where you’ve ventured, and eventually, to see you back home here in Moorhead!

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