Bethesda celebrates Holy Communion at every service. As members of the body of Christ, who believe, we joyfully proclaim, "All are Welcome"

Sunday9:30 am- online due to COVID

WOW (Worship on Wednesdays) • 6:30 pm- "Facebook Live"

Church School:  3yo through 6th grade 

  • Wednesday's ONLY• 7:00 pm ZOOM


CHOIRS are suspended during COVID

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Adult Choir

The Bethesda Adult Choir practices weekly and performs regularly for Sunday services. Preparing both traditional and contemporary pieces, this group enjoys changing things up and enhancing each worship experience. 

  • Adult Choir: rehearse 7:00 pm Wednesday

Bell Choir

We are blessed to have two Bell Choirs at Bethesda.  Youth Handbell/Handchime Choir and Adult Bell Choir.  Both choirs rehearse on Wednesdays and performs throughout the school year.  Special performances may occur during the winter holidays. 

  • Youth Bell Choir: rehearse 5:15 pm Wednesday

  • Adult Bell Choir: rehearse 8:00 pm Wednesday

Bethesda Ensemble

On the second Sunday of each month, the Bethesda Ensemble accompanies the informal worship service. They also play for WOW (Worship on

Wednesday) each week in the Fellowship Room.

Bethesda Strings

A truly unique experience for community musicians, Bethesda welcomes all string players to perform for the fourth Sunday of Advent. Partnered with our choir, pipe organ, and other musicians, the string ensemble successfully transforms an already beautiful service into a spiritual experience.


, Liturgy is a verb! Therefore:

  • action is done,

  • word is spoken,

  • music is made,

  • gestures are offered.

Liturgy includes a variety ways for a community

of people to praise God for all the gifts in our lives.

To Learn more about Liturgy

  • Matthew: Winged Man

  • Mark:  Winged Lion

  • Luke:  Winged Ox

  • John:  Eagle

Did you know that the 4 boxes on our Bethesda Cross represent the 4 Gospels in the Bible's New Testament?