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Sunday, October 25, 2020​ 9:30 am

  • Pastor Grant Vanderford leads Bethesda's online worship service. Gospel text John 8:31-36 Reformation Sunday.

  • Participants: Tom Hanson- organ & piano; Willy Jacobson- assisting minister; Jessica Berndt- reader; Chris Jung- soloist; Tony Christensen & Roxanne West- congregational responses; Terrie Jo Wold- cameras, director, video editor;

  • Prelude and Postlude: improvisations of the hymn ELW #504 "A Mighty Fortress is Our God"

  • Communion Music: "Let Us Break Bread Together", ELW #471, sung by Chris Jung Vocal Solo: "Here I Am Lord" ELW #574 sung by Chris Jung

  • Copyright & Streaming permissions by Bethesda's License with Augsburg Fortress Publishing/Sundays & Seasons #SAS000668 and with One License #A-720047

Sunday, October 18, 2020​ 9:30 am

  • Pastor Steve Peterson leads online worship. Gospel text Matthew 22: 15-22 Theme- "Make me an instrument of peace"

  • Participants include: Tom Hanson- organ & piano; Tony Christensen- assisting minister; Lynn Tkachuk- reader; Tony Christensen- congregational response; Terrie Jo Wold- cameras, director, video editor

  • Prelude: Excerpts from "The Song is of the Morning" by Gilbert M. Martin- Lorenz Publishing/One License #A-720047

  • Special Music- handbell solo with piano accompaniment- "Hymn Medley" arranged by Christine D. Anderson & Dan Kramlich- Hope Publishing/One License #A-720047

  • Communion Music- Improvisation of hymn "Spirit of Gentleness" ELW #396

  • Postlude- "Laudation" by Gilbert M. Martin- Sacred Music Press/ Lorenz Publishing/One License #A-720047

  • Copyright and Streaming permissions by Bethesda's license with Augsburg Fortress Publishing/Sundays & Seasons #SAS000668 plus license with One License #A-720047

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